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Application for Meeting Room Use.

Please review Meeting Room Policy before filling out this request.

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Meeting rooms are for the use of individuals studying or nonprofits only.

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Troy's Multi-Purpose Room can accommodate meetings of 44 people or fewer, and the Community Room can accommodate meetings of 30 or fewer. The Conference Rooms at the Maker Lab can accommodate 8 people or fewer, and the Small Meeting Rooms can accommodate 2 people or fewer. The Pleasant Hill meeting room can be used by about 20 people.

"To the fullest extent permitted by law, the applicant agrees to defend, pay in behalf of, hold harmless and indemnify the Troy-Miami County Public Library against any and all claims, demands, suits, losses, including all costs connected therewith, for any damage which may be asserted, claimed or recovered against or from the Troy-Miami County Public Library, its elected and appointed officials, employees, volunteers or all others working in behalf of the Troy-Miami County Public Library, by reason of personal injury, including bodily injury and death; and/or property damage, including loss of use thereof, which arises out of the alleged negligence of Troy-Miami County Public Library and/or in any way connected or associated with this contract." 

I have read the meeting room policy and agree to the terms of meeting room use. By typing my name in the signature box below, I assume responsibility for use of the meeting room by the above organization.
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