Research Databases

  • Explora: Primary Schools

    Designed with students and educators in grades K through 5 in mind, Explora Primary Schools provides a safe, trustworthy environment for students to look up facts for class projects or homework. Simple search that quickly delivers relevant results; Easy-to-browse categories organized by popular topic; Topic overviews that provide students with a starting point for research; Colorful, mobile-friendly design with feature areas that provide context to students; Reading level indicators (Lexile® Measures) to simplify discovery of grade-appropriate content; Text-to-speech for HTML articles to assist struggling readers or those learning English; Curriculum Standards Module to help educators correlate EBSCO content quickly and easily to Common Core, state- or province-specific curriculum standards.

  • Explora: Secondary Schools

    Designed with students and educators in grades 6 through 12 in mind, Explora Secondary Schools provides a far better alternative to websites and search engines for students to look up articles and facts for research papers or homework.