Novel Conversations

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Are you looking to join a book club? Novel Conversations, an adult monthly book discussion, usually meets at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Monday of the month; we read a variety of fiction and nonfiction titles.

For more information call 937.339.0502 ext. 112.

This month’s suggested reading is:
- Ben Montgomery

Emma Gatewood told her family she was going on a walk and left her small Ohio hometown with a change of clothes and less than two hundred dollars. The next anybody heard from her, this genteel, farm-reared, 67-year-old great-grandmother had walked 800 miles along the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail. By September 1955 she stood atop Maine’s Mount Katahdin, sang “America, the Beautiful,” and  proclaimed, “I said I’ll do it, and I’ve done it.” 





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Novel Conversations