Maker Lab

On the left, a black gear with color dots, on the right the words "Troy Miami County Public Library Maker Lab"

Update September 26, 2022:

Major interior walls were removed this week. The glass block walls we mentioned last week are being included in the design or being salvaged for future projects. See pictures HERE


Update September 19, 2022:

This was a busy week. We welcomed our new Maker Lab Manager Elijah Stephens. Lots of walls and ceilings came down this week and we uncovered some very cool glass walls sandwiched between the drywall being removed. This has led to some discussions about how the final design can incorporate this original architecture. Also this week we received the delivery of large equipment including the Vinyl & UV Printers. See pictures HERE


Update September 12, 2022:

We are officially in the DEMO phase of the renovations on the second floor at the Hobart Government Center, 510 W. Water St., Troy, for the creation of a Maker Lab.

J.L. Kuck General Contractors are on site and began removing carpeting and ceiling tiles. See pictures HERE


Update August 18, 2022: 

The Troy-Miami County Public Library Board of Trustees voted Wednesday evening to enter into a contract with J.L. Kuck General Contractors of Ludlow Falls for the renovation of the second floor at the Hobart Government Center, 510 W. Water St., Troy, for the creation of a Maker Lab. At $358,857, J.L. Kuck was the lowest responsible bid.

Renovations will include demolition of most walls in about a 5,000 square foot area, the addition of ventilation for specialized machinery including printers, laser cutters, and CNC equipment, and remodeling to create the makerspace and lab. The project is expected to begin by the end of August and finish by the end of the year.

“Makerspaces serve as gathering spaces where people come to connect and work on meaningful projects using new technologies and traditional tools,” said Rachelle Via, executive library director. “Today, libraries aren’t just a place for using resources, programs, and services, but they are also places where patrons can be active producers too. The Maker Lab will give our community a place to further develop their skills while learning new things.”

The library’s administrative offices are also moving to the Hobart building, located next to the main library, in an effort to increase available space for future remodeling of that location. This project is being funded without the use of additional tax dollars.


Original Release: Troy-Miami County Public Library will be creating a technology center on the second floor of the Hobart Government Center in an effort to provide tech equity to the entire community after entering into a lease agreement with the Miami County Commissioners.

Preliminary plans are to model the Innovation Space after a makerspace at the Xenia Public Library and include 3D printers, a laser cutter, vinyl cutters/printers, CNC milling and routing machines, a laser engraver, a soldering station, a sublimation station, video editing and recording equipment, and a media conversion station.  

“The Innovation Space will allow community members to design, prototype, and manufacture items using tools that would otherwise be inaccessible or affordable,” said Rachelle Via, executive director at the library. “For example, teachers, small business owners, and nonprofits may not have a lot of extra money or resources so equipment such as the vinyl printers make creating signs, banners, posters, stickers, and decals easy, and very affordable.”

There will also be a Learning Lab with approximately 15 computers offering specialized software and printers. The lab will be available for classes. The library currently works with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) but can only offer classes from 8-9 a.m. before the library is open. With a lab, the library will be able to offer classes on job searching, resume writing, and basic and advanced computer skills.

“We look forward to expanding our partnership with ODJFS and to making new partnerships,” Via said. “These classes will allow individuals to gain skills that employers require at no cost, leading to success in education and employment.”

When the lab is not in use for classes, it would be available for general use by the public. Public computers in Troy were used more than 13,800 times in 2019.

Additional spaces in the building would be available for use by the public as quiet spaces for work or study and would offer free WiFi. There will also be a business center with copier, scanner, fax, brochure folder, laminator and other commonly requested business tools. If space allows, we will have a small collection of popular materials as well as business and technical nonfiction books that can be checked out.

The library’s administrative offices, currently housed in the basement of the library, will also be moved to the Hobart building. Moving the public computers, administrative offices, and some meeting rooms will allow the library to look at renovating the main library to add a teen space and enhance other areas.

Maker Lab Waiver is available below.

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